Thursday, December 3, 2009

Requirements for the logo

First and foremost - logo must be unique and easily recognizable. After all, he is the "face" of the company. Allows consumers and contractors to identify exactly your business. Simultaneously, he also performs the task of protecting your business from unfair competition. If logo, trademark properly registered, no one except the owner has no right to use them without risking prosecution.

Second - originality. Of course, we can afford once in a lifetime buy sneakers «Adibas», but even if the surrounding is not quite make out another letter in the title, it's like ordering at a restaurant sturgeon "second freshness.

Third - versatility. A good logo, as an elite cognac, age does not spoil, but forgive me, those who now enjoy re-branding. Of course, it is unlikely your logo will remain for centuries, but when you try to create just such a scenario. So try to explain intelligibly hired a designer: it works not only for you but also for posterity.

The fourth requirement (although it is more about the graphic part of a trademark or a trademark) - associatively. But here is not to overdo it. For example, if your company is engaged in construction or sale of heavy construction equipment, the trademark would not be very logical to look stylized flower. And another thing: do not forget to think about corporate colors, which will form the basis for the further development of your company's brand book.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Logo and Brand - twin brothers?

Who can remember what it was written the name of the type known manufacturer of yogurt? And here is a simple obsession melody of three notes with a high degree of probability will play even one who is terminally offended bear in childhood. And, once in the supermarket, most likely, our "singer" just buy the products from this manufacturer, trusting the "untwisted" brand.

Feel the difference!

So you finally decided on the product or service that is now going to market. Register your own company. Long puzzled over a unique name, picked up a nice font, which will now be inextricably linked with the name of the new "ship business." But make no mistake: this is not a brand. Registered with the original mark of your company's name is just the logo.

"Logo - the original mark of a full or abbreviated name of the organization or product.

The logo is the verbal part of a trademark. " Such a definition can be found in Wikipedia. But even among designers and advertisers seem to be no consensus that it was considered logo.

Strictly speaking, the logo - is verbal part trademark. That is Name Company or product, write some letters. But the graphics are already the brand or trademark. It is only important to understand that and the logo and trademark are the components of the brand. Just a logo - it's the first brick, which was originally laid in building the future of the brand. So what is the most building out - dilapidated house of straw, ready to crumble at the very weak winds in the unstable world of business, or secure fortress, credible its thoroughness - it depends on the severity of the initial approach to its creation.

Logo - The basis of corporate identity, but because of its design and creation should be given maximum attention. And, of course, it is better to trust the professionals: Call a well-established advertising agency, or a freelance artist-designer. Let the designer with you eating, drinking, going to your work, gives a lot of questions, trying to find exactly the flavor that makes your company and its products will be easily recognizable among the mass of existing competitors and similar products.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Verify the effectiveness of advertising

Since advertising is one of the channels of communication with the seller by the buyer, it is true that it is subject to all laws of sales. You can highlight the main methods of influence on the consumer through advertising.

Text messages:
When creating them must be remembered that the consumer is not very willing to think and therefore should not be used in advertising texts long mouthful. The shorter and clearer advertising message, the more likely that it at least someone will notice, for example drove past a billboard.

Nonverbal channels: If there are people in advertising, their posture must conform to both the general textual content of advertising, and to state that ads should call the customer. Check for correct posture is relatively simple. Try it yourself to pose of a man with a poster and listen to your own feelings. If any sense of internal discomfort does not occur, then everything is done properly, otherwise - the pose of the character to be changed.

Color and sound: This work is best left to professionals. Since each state has its own characteristics. When used properly, they can cause even a necessary condition, regardless of the total text content of advertising.

There is a desired result, which wants to reach an advertiser has stringent criteria for evaluation of advertising, so you can start pretested the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It is important to understand that advertising should not be too original or fun, it just needs to perform its task.

The most difficult thing for health checks of advertising to find a mistake, to understand why advertising is not working as it should (if it happened) and what must be done to change this situation. You have to understand that a person does not respond on individual factor, but on the background consisting of many elements, which are mismatch and may lead to the fact that advertising will become ineffective.

Eg. Advertising does not give the desired effect. In this case it is necessary to understand that consumers perceive the whole message, rather than spread out on his constituents. Need to remove from the advertising on each element of the queue again to check the reaction of the consumer. This way you can identify problem areas over which the need to work more closely. After making any necessary changes once again stands to test the reaction of potential customers.

Finally, any advertisement must comply with the stages of sale. To get started is to build a trusting relationship with the consumer. At this stage, advertising should not be too intrusive, and avoid comparisons with respect to similar products of competitors. Better to demonstrate compliance with the interests of the advertiser to consumer interests. Once, when a trust relationship established, the advertiser can tell you more about your product, but do not forget that the consumer is not only the material side of the issue, but also the emotional component of advertising. One of the most effective ways to create effective advertising - the formation of positive image of the owner of the goods. In this case, the potential buyer, too, want to be like a person from advertising. Only the last stage of the advertiser can communicate to the consumer price of the goods and the final conditions of sale.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Any advertising - A specific objective

In my opinion, the answer to the question about the meaning of life is absolutely useless, because its meaning lies in the process.

But for advertising is important is the result of. Accordingly, the goals set by the advertiser during the development of advertising campaign should be as specific as possible, measured in numbers, by kilograms. It is impossible to formulate suggestions for the type of advertisers: "We just want to sell more." Such a formulation - to achieve this goal tends to infinity. Much more correct, understandable and accessible to formulate objective as follows: "This year we want to increase sales by ___% over last year." In this formulation, the problem appears the parameters measured.

In addition, the goal should be achievable. If according to the sales department, sales have a strong tendency to increase, for example, 15% in the quarter, it is useless to put ads in front of goal to increase sales by 300% compared to the previous reporting period.

When an advertiser aims to advertisers, Then there must be some kind of comprehensible criteria for evaluating the work performed. Otherwise, even the process of harmonization of promotional materials can not last indefinitely: in general, everything seems fine, but that it is so or not - can not be determined.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Proper advertisement or a little more about the effectiveness of

You know, let us place the billboards here on this highway and down the street ... And, there are audio clips? Great! Rental would like to get on the radio station X, - says the head of the advertising department of a firm, not noticing the astonishment advertiser. After guiding and clarifying questions, followed by an explanation of this "iron" logic of advertising campaigns. It turns out, the director of the company loves radio station X, and the aforesaid route daily comes to work. Hence, he will see advertising firm.

These stories happen all the time. But even if we admit that your approach to advertising is pragmatic and meaningful, each time at the initial stage of developing an advertising campaign the question arises: how to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising? And it's better to do it at the very beginning and not the result, when money is spent, but achieved a goal - is unknown.

Friday, August 28, 2009

The protagonist of advertising

Simple layman - the main consumer advertising - are only interested in two things. He and the ways that you can solve a particular problem. Cause and advertising should be only one hero. And this is in no way brilliant advertiser, who is hoping to win a prize at the next competition.

The protagonist of advertising - its subject.
Product, service or idea that promotes the advertising. Advertising should not display this item as a winner. But not by himself. Namely, as a way that allows the layman to solve their own problems. Potential consumers living in different saturated debris information space, automatically cutting out unnecessary information. Such is the unnecessary information may prove to be your advertising. To this happened, the advertiser should clearly understand the parameters of its own target audience. And only access it. Then the proposal in advertising (ceteris paribus), may reach the addressee.

As already noted, one reason for ineffectiveness of advertising - the advertiser misunderstanding that any advertising campaign - is only part of the marketing mix. Let the advertising campaign is designed perfectly and correctly placed, but if the company improperly designed products, the price of goods are not competitive, the staff has low qualifications, the effectiveness of advertising does not bring. Advertise you will first need to debug the whole marketing mix. From the provision of consumer goods is the fact that he wants to see and at an affordable price to a sincere smile salesman who meets a client in the beautiful interior of a modern store.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising

On the issue themselves advertisers tend to prefer the modest silence.

Least because there is much advertising, as many do not cease talking about her poor performance. Advertising guru David Ogilvy said that most of the advertising "shamefully ineffective." Remark is true, but trying to assess the effectiveness of advertising, you should remember that this is just another marketing tool that does not work by itself.

An example from real life. Manual furniture store has launched a massive advertising campaign. Television, radio and outdoor advertising. A potential buyer walks into a store. Somewhere deep in the subsoil of the high stand sits seller and enthusiastically read a glossy magazine. Instead ask the visitor that he wanted to buy, the seller, looking for a second reading, once again lowers his head onto the page. Will the effective running advertising campaign, if sales staff behaves this way?

In advertising there is only one criterion: if it increases sales, then working. Hence, launched advertising campaign is effective. We can distinguish three types of advertising effectiveness: a commercial, communicative and operational. Any advertiser are primarily interested in commercial advertising effectiveness. In other words, how effective advertising is selling. But even now we can not with absolute guarantee to predict how sales will increase as a result of a specific advertising campaign. Sales affect all elements of marketing mix. On the professionalism of salespeople, as in the example above, as well as to the general condition of a particular market or the actions of competitors. If a competitor decides to bring down the market and sharply lower prices, then no, even the most brilliant advertising in this case will not help. But be that as it may be, the advertising that sells, it is advertising in the first place, well done

If you decide to involve the development of advertising ideas Professional advertisers It is not necessary to require them to any specific ideas and options for future advertising until they obtain the most complete source information. First of all, we need answers to the questions: what is advertised and to whom specifically designed your product or service. This is the first and most important phase of constructive cooperation between the advertiser and the advertiser.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The real problem of advertising

The best thing about this famous American said advertiser Raymond Rubicam:  

In advertising has one goal - to sell, all the rest of the evil one. "And when advertisers begin to tell you about their merits, listing the prizes won at various competitions, you can politely listen, but it is better to ask specific outcomes at the end of a campaign. Whether it's product, service or idea, the main purpose of advertising - to sell. Everything else: a secondary and unimportant. High-quality advertising - is one that allows the advertiser is to achieve maximum effect with minimal investment funds. Perhaps the advertiser for such advertising and will not receive another "coat of arms on the coach, but if advertising increases sales - its goal is achieved