Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Tips to optimize the search result

The activity of the SEO professional should always be accompanied by good quality content. Here we show the five main points to optimize their content and therefore easier to find your articles and get a good positioning:

Quality of Content: Are you producing quality content? Or the content of your website has the same information found on other sites? These are just some of the questions that must be made to determine if the content is of quality. An original and specific content is the key to success.

Research the content and keywords: After you write good content, another key point is be careful with keywords, which are the words which it is assumed that users use to find your site. Using generic words or wrong can be the cause of not being tracked by search engines and not come to be located by users.

Use Keywords: After making the search for key words and selected if any, is very important to use the web page text, only then will increase the search results. How often do you use these words? It better not be misused too often repeating each term, we must be original and creative, Google is aware of the misuse of words do we detect it.

Content is striking: Good content will appeal to users and probably our website will be linked by them elsewhere. This tells search engines the level of interest, accuracy and reliability of Conversely, if the content is linked through the wrong words, users will leave a positive opinion about the site.

New Content: The updated content is very important, but not the only feature that determines the SEO. Refresh pages every day and add new content is a good habit but not enough to be in the first result. Google have developed a tool called "Freshness Query Deserve" and serves to better tracking of the pages.

For example, you can search that suddenly get very popular without a specific reason, Google see if the site has new content on the subject and gives a boost to the first lines. result is only temporary / provisional because after a week or two, if nothing is done more, our name may disappear from the first list.