Friday, January 15, 2010

Target your email marketing campaigns

The email Marketing obtained very good results but for the type of results that marketers expect, it is essential to develop targeted email marketing campaigns, campaigns that identify and involve the people most likely to respond.

Without effective targeting, your email campaign or any marketing for that matter, will be a sword in the water that will generate a very low response rate and you will lose hundreds or thousands. It would also not enjoy the power of email marketing. It should therefore be targeted more effectively than any other type of marketing.

Because it simply does not make sense to run your campaign towards the wider public, when you can focus your efforts on a target qualified, far more inclined to buy your products.

Identify your Target Markets 
To identify your target markets, segment your market first global groups of people who seem to have the same desires and needs. Segmentation can be as many groups as you want. For example, a group by age, by gender, by job type, geographical area, by lifestyle, by purchasing behavior by ethnicity, educational level, etc. ...

The objective is to recognize that there is no "average buyer". Each group of people has its own desires and needs. Therefore, some groups find your products and services more attractive than others. These are your target markets.

Because email marketing can actually reach very specific targets, you can segment in depth, because the more you separate, your campaigns will be more highly targeted. And there will always be a listing of email addresses for each segment you have identified.

However, target markets must be sufficiently large to justify the time and effort, if not the cost will, of a targeted email campaign. Ideally, you should reach market segments that have sufficient size and are served by your competitors an opportunity Marketing niche. For this reason it is vital to spend much time on the segmentation.

Create a targeted message for your campaign
Now that you've identified your market segments, attach to your message. You need to create a different message for each target market, focusing exclusively by their desires and needs, and how your products or services can match them. Demonstrate your products or services is their much better than your competitors.

It is also very important to speak the same language as your market segment. Use a style and tone, and words that have the greatest impact on your target.
In short, create the email as appropriate to each of your targets.

Write an Effective Title
There are volumes of advice on how to write songs for email campaigns. In short, they must be direct, contain your name, be equally informative than suitable, and as short as possible. They must capture the essence of the content of your email. For this reason, your title will be much better if you write after writing the contents of your message.

Select targeted lists of email
The next step in your email campaign is targeted to find lists of emails for each segment you have identified. For small business or home, the best option available is that of Newsletter subscribers whose profiles match that of your target. You buy an ad and your message will reach your target so precisely. No need to invest yourself in your own email campaign, and you'll get more of the reputation and image of the site that sends the Newsletter . To find lists of newsletters that matches your target.

Target the right time
With the key elements of your email marketing campaign in hand, there is one more factor to consider before transmission: timing.

The advantage of email marketing is that campaigns can be sent in one minute. Think back to the lifestyle of each target and choose the best time to send. The ideal is to find when your target does not just open your emails, but when it will be able to pay attention.

For example, for mothers, this may be the evening once the children are asleep. For yuppies, it could be lunchtime. Rather trust your instincts and common sense as statistics about office hour’s email often result in error because they do not correspond to your specific market segment, but a global vision.

Test your email marketing campaign targeted
My last tip on targeted email marketing is to test your campaign. Test back on advertising is a standard procedure in large enterprises. Thanks to the cheapness of emailing, it is also an option for small structures.

Once you've perfected your campaign emailing targeted, you can then invest in shopping lists and run your campaigns with confidence.

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