Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Advertising to children, For or against?

Despite the importance of this sector of the population is charging for brands, there are voices for and against the exposure of children to advertising campaigns.

For example, Vic Strasburger, professor of pediatrics at the School of Medicine, University of New Mexico, states that children under seven years "are psychologically defenseless against advertising."

Matt Ritchell wrote an article for the New York Times in which he criticizes the online marketing strategies of some food companies to approach children and states that are responsible for high rates of childhood obesity.

The voices in favor point out that often the products advertised in a small language to have an educational use or are necessary for child development, such as diapers.

Because whatever personal position, the main thing is to maintain a constant vigil on the messages they receive the smallest in the home.

In a previous interview with Alto Nivel, Professor Aida Cortes of the School of Psychology at the University Iberoamericana said that "human beings are social creatures and it is certain that a screen does not replace the love and care that a caregiver can have with a child [...] is why we must be very aware of the content that children consume and what message they are giving. "