Sunday, December 25, 2011

10 tips for optimizing marketing strategies for small businesses on Facebook

Many recent studies show that small business owners mistakenly believe that they have no time, money or other resources to invest in promotions on Facebook. The truth is you do not need a Community Manager to develop this work, and invest much money or time, but with minimal resources we can make our presence on Facebook. How? Here are 10 tips on how to do it.

Manage expectations: We must be realistic about what we want for our approach to social networks is positive. We should not expect to have thousands of fans in the first month, but in much lower numbers. If we surpassed the mark, we will further strengthened and animated than before.

Take time: No need to spend all day on Facebook, or spend our free time. We just need to spend an hour a day for this, including answering emails or conversations with customers and fans. Learn everything you can from other pages and solve our doubts on the official site of the Facebook Help Center. This will help us understand and manage well this powerful social network.

Create a page, not a profile: not only is not permitted by the rules of Facebook, but the first thing we will add to our friends to profile them to a degree away, leaving only enough to invite fans to be our website.

Status Updates' fresh and funny one-liners encourage our fans to participate and once generated some feedback, we can throw questions to promote conversation.

Private conversations, thanks to send a message, reply always referring users to whom you are talking about and pay attention to requests that fans make us, is the key to building trust and enhance our reputation.

Do not spam. Mass messages are discarded. If you have something important to say, leave it on your wall that fans will see him.

Create promotions. Make a discount for customers who enter the page much power us, but we should not limit but every so often, it is good to launch a new promotion for fans who are permanently, to prevent loss of interest. Encourage the check-in. Mark on Facebook every time you're in your workplace, so users will be watching for developments that may arise.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The importance of Twitter for Marketing strategy for your company

For many of us, joining a social network is not too much trouble but companies are still looking for a basic foundation to be represented in them. If we consider the Harvard Business Review report made Analytic Services, we see that only 12% of companies surveyed are using social media effectively. As in any area of life, exploration and experimentation are feasible steps to enter the social media marketing But the key to success in social networks is the identification for the user of how a brand used by each channel. Once established, a matter of following the process of testing and refinement to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. For many companies, understanding the benefits and specific uses of each tool 2.0 represents a challenge and begin to cheer. Taking a quick look at all options, Twitter is presented as basic and essential service to our business. Why this network and not another? According to the above study, 75% of companies said they did not know what their customers were talking about them. This is where Twitter is more powerful by allowing viewing in real time with a simple set of search results. If we turn the dynamics and begin to engage and interact, we will provide our target audience much more material to begin to talk about us as well as enable us to understand the true essence of social networks: communication and rapprochement with the user .

A very important point to keep in mind: in Twitter we are human. If only our state update with the latest company news and press releases that you throw will not obtain significant results as users prefer to access our website or blog. Creative initiatives, upload pictures of events in which we participate or promotions are some actions you can take to achieve this goal. If you want to learn, Twitter is undoubtedly our tool, because just by typing a question we get many useful answers that will help us find answers. Our fans are always willing to help and answer our questions.

We should note one very important detail: the confidence to generate conversation and even, with the acceptance of criticism or negative comments, provided they are well-meaning, of course. Knowing we will accept them with our users, a high reputation