Friday, May 28, 2010

The SEO should be part of the process of creating a site

If the SEO has changed a lot since 5 years, it still relies on two solid foundations: the relevance of the texts that make up the pages of a site and the technical accessibility for search engines.

These two prerequisites are essential, ideally, be taken into account as early as possible in the process of creating a website!

Because, unfortunately, the SEO is not yet considered, as an essential step in designing a site. Even if the habits of entrepreneurs change slowly on this.

Today, the decision to work its natural search results more often of poor positioning against its competition a real awareness of the potential revenue from search engines.

Saving time and money
On second thought, think the SEO of the site from the design of it has only advantages. It is primarily a quick win in terms of audience. By using the best tools provided by search engines (report forms, protocol sitemaps, RSS feeds ...), it is possible to begin indexing a new site within 15 days after its release.

The first visitors using search engines can find you in the month following the launch. They then constitute a traffic that will only grow as and when the life of the site.

Why then delay the arrival of the first visitors or customers considering SEO as a task schedule. The time spent on SEO while creating a site is an investment that can quickly be dampened!

It is also a very significant financial savings. Imagine: this is your website online, but made no optimization for natural search. Or explicit URL or securities differentiated from one page to another ... The establishment of recommendations referencing, whether from yourself or a specialized agency, almost certainly ask a new intervention technique, resulting in a over cost "t of high development.

Taking into account the SEO of your site from its inception, you include in your initial budgets all technical optimizations of your site. And you avoid having to pay again a few months later, after a poor reception by search engines.

Simple techniques to develop
Establish a policy of SEO when designing its website is not binding as it seems. Techniques, and habits, that are involved in the SEO take especially good sense. From a semantic point of view, we must think first to speak the same language as your visitors and use words that they are likely to look.

So if people in the trade refer to “credit consolidation" is the term "debt consolidation" that are now the majority of requests related to this area. It will therefore be the last words he should use primarily on your site. Once these strong words identified for each page or each section, they will be used at strategic points of your pages: title, URL, caption images, Meta tags...

Technically, the basic optimization of your site will mostly avoid blocking points. Should be abandoned, or minimize the use, elements that search engines are unable to read, such as Adobe Flash, JavaScript or forms.

We prefer the navigation structured around text rather than around images, because the engines in the current state of technology are unable to decipher them. The development of optimized URLs, using rewrite engine available on Apache or Windows, can also prove very positive. Finally, crucially, we must ensure that every link on your site is readable by search engines.

Optimization by combining semantic and technical accessibility, you give your website the best chance of being visible and well positioned in Google and its competitors.