Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Strategy research keywords for your SEO

So you've decided to venture into the world of SEO. The first thing you should do is determine the direction of your optimization campaign site against keyword phrases you want to target. This article will discuss on how to find keywords for your SEO campaign, a method slightly different from the PPC (PPC).

Many publishers of websites immediately know what keyword phrases they use. If you think you know what you want before you begin, take a step back and ask yourself if this is really the best keyword phrase for your site. Indeed, it may very well be the key phrase perfect, but if this is not the case, you could spend your money, your time and energy trying to obtain positions that you don ' never reach and that will generate little traffic.

There are key points on which we must look by choosing a key phrase:
  • Relevance This expression is it appropriate to site content?
  • The frequency search : Users are they looking for that exact phrase?
  • Competition What is the competition on this key phrase? What is its rate of feasibility?

To begin, create a list of key phrases
That is where all research begins by keywords. Before you take a look at search frequencies and your competition, you must create a list of keyword phrases appropriate. Open an Excel document and enter all appropriate expressions that come to mind, follow the way of brainstorming. At this stage, there is no wrong answer.

Once you think you've finished, go back to your website. Open it and navigate to it by noting all new other relevant terms that come to mind when checking your title tags and the editorial content of your pages. That is, do the same for your competitors. Visit some sites that compete directly with you and write down all the key phrases that seem relevant.

At this point, you should get a long list of potential key phrases, and this list will expand as you study the frequency of finding each key phrase.

Find a Tool for keywords
The next step is to use your search engine keywords favorite. There are several ways to find two of the most popular WordTracker and Keyword Discovery. It is important to note that no search tools Keyword not give you 100% of actual research carried out. In most cases, they will give you a sample of representative figures from several search engines. Using these figures is better when comparing two expressions to find which is the most popular, rather than determining specifically how you can generate traffic.

Check the search frequency
Once your search engine keywords open Start by entering your keyword phrases and write the best search frequencies. Make sure you do for each additional keyword phrase that the results will give you and as you feel appropriate for your site. The exact number of searches required to determine if a keyword phrases is acceptable depends largely on your industry and also the tool you will use. A key phrase generating 100 searches per month may be perfect as a secondary keyword phrase, but in most cases is inadequate for main key phrase.

Sort your list
You should now have a near-exhaustive list of potentially targeted phrases and frequencies of relevant research. Sort this list in descending order, based on the number of searches, for the most popular expression is at the top. In many activities, key phrases are the most popular "inaccessible" because of strong competition, but we will decide that later.

Check the competition
The next step provides an overview of competition for each phrase. In the next column of the table, place the number of results on Google for each keyword phrase. In most cases, the higher the resulting number will be low, the easier it is to compete for placement of the pages (this is not always the case, it is only an indicator).
Your list of search frequency and number of entries in competition. If you're lucky, you will immediately see a keyword phrase that will meet the right criteria: frequency of high research and few competing pages. It will be then your key phrase ideal.

But this phrase does it really the content of your site? Go check on Google and check the sites obtained for this phrase. Your site corresponds to the same content of these pages indexed? Sometimes, it may not because your sentence can have several meanings (especially true if using acronyms). This phrase can also be a completely different part of the world if you have a geo targeting (2 cities may have the same name) or may enter into "mega" competition with sites such as Ebay, Amazon, Wikipedia ... If you see such sites in the results, it should review the feasibility of the phrase.

Also take a look at number of back links and pages indexed for each site. Do you have the same results for your site? If you see that the first 10 sites have hundreds of back links and yours only a dozen, he'll have to find another phrase. If these sites have only a few dozen (less than 100) of back links, and you always your dozen, you can compete, if you are planning a campaign of back links. The number of pages indexed is less important than the number of back links But if you have 6 pages indexed and want to compete with sites that have hundreds of pages indexed, your results may be weak.
The ideal is to find a phrase that is relevant, which offers a frequency of important research, and whose competition are reasonable.

Select an expression to generate qualified traffic
In SEO, it is preferable to work on One main key phrase which defines the overall theme of the site, and target several secondary key phrases and relevant to each section of your site. SEO, the number of key phrases that your target is determined by the size of your site. Indeed, the longer your site has many pages, you will have the ability to work on a larger number of key phrases (1 to 2 per page).

The key phrase that makes most of research is not often the best solution. This is particularly true for the real estate market. It is therefore preferable to work on this term over the area. In addition, people who are looking for a property, the look still in a specific geographical area.

In conclusion
Do some research to find the best keyword phrase is the foundation of your SEO. Otherwise you will evolve as your blind SEO objectives have not been clearly defined. Take the time to do this upstream research and whether the expression of your dreams so that you find is actually beneficial. If it turns out that this is not the case, it is preferable to review your strategy keywords before you invest your time and money in an unsuccessful SEO campaign. Knowing the level of competition and the frequency of searches for a specific keyword phrase you will input to make better decisions and increase your chances you better positioning in search results.