Friday, February 25, 2011

How to tell if a brochure can give good or bad results?

As our experience in brochure design is concerned, we detected multiple qualities that give us the distinction quickly. The main thing is to get an excellent design that meets all expectations of what communication is concerned.

Usability: It is very important this concept depends on what type of brochure designs, but do not forget that its main mission to inform, and if you present a client with a brochure on the size of a business card with all the information to a body of very small, may not be accepted, and if not, many entrepreneurs and graphic designers envision different perceptions of their clients and perform pieces with paper too thick, excessive use of ink uvi or simply the format of the brochure is excessively large. In the design of the brochure must always prevail effective adequacy and its content and format.

Design and produce a brochure should always provide a unique and emotional, as each client has different needs in each piece, each person to whom this prospectus comes must also feel that experience, we get to steal this valuable time to get results, a creative and a text (Copy) to tempt us to take it in our hands and is open to see inside, so we can inform you about the best way possible.

In our experience have been many customers who have achieved great results with this tool, including some I know and they are our main stories as they managed to sell or resell a product that had little chance in the market. From a dental clinic with this tool has been passionate about the world of communication and publicity measures each movement to large institutions that use of currency whenever they have the opportunity to show something.

The booklet is a unique and acceptable results in relation to costs, an essential part in many campaigns and promotions, and a national instrument for many years on the market and continue to cover the needs of many businesses and institutions.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What types of brochures are available? How many can identify categories of brochures?

brochure design have identified or categorized into the following categories:

Brochures for businesses

Product Brochures

Service Booklets

Brochures nonprofits

Brochures for educational and institutional

Self-promotional brochures

Brochures of events for activities, events, openings ...

Corporate brochures

One of the most common assignments for advertising agencies, graphic studios and creative studios are design and development of brochures.

Each booklet covers one type of need varies according to the order, can be designed with a conceptual style with sophisticated details, sleek, innovative design or simply with a classic or current.