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Eight steps of the brand promotion by PR

Promotions new brand through advertising and through public relations - not the same thing. If you want to promote a brand through public relations, you cannot just replace Advertising PR. You will have to change the very method of display brand on the market. However, the move away from learned the basic of advertising is not so simple. Advertising & Marketing so closely intertwined in the minds of managers, many of them to even consider would not be possible to launch a new brand without advertising. And yet We strongly recommend that all new brands into the market only through PR.

Promotion of new brand through advertising and through public relations - not the same thing. If you want to promote a brand through public relations, you can not just replace advertising PR. You will have to change the very method of display brand on the market. However, the move away from learned the basics of advertising is not so simple. Advertising and Marketing so closely intertwined in the minds of managers, many of them will not even consider possibility of launching a new brand without advertising. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that all new brands into the market only with PR.

Launching a new brand by PR invariably includes eight steps.

Step 1. Enemy

To create a successful brand, it is necessary to determine their "enemy." This may be competing brand, company or category of goods, which will impede the success of your brand. So, if you sell Pepsi, then your enemy - Coca-Cola. If you sell Burger King, then the enemy - McDonald's. And so on.

Setting enemy, you will be able to develop a focused strategy, which would be opposed to his strategy. When Procter & Gamble introduced in the market New mouthwash, then as the enemy, they determine for themselves the Listerine.

Since this the company produced a mouthwash with an unpleasant taste, the Procter & Gamble has positioned its Scope as a similar tool, but only with pleasant taste. And because of that Scope has become the second largest brand on the market.

Opposition provides food for the news. The presence of the enemy greatly increases the potential for brand zneniya in terms of PR. Our latest book, originally called "The era of public relations." But where's the enemy? We changed our name to "Rise and Decline of PR advertising, thus creating and foe, and a significant potential for discussion of the book in the press.

In advertising vice versa. Consumers are not terribly fond of, when you call a competitor and attacking him in their advertising texts. This allowed the media, but not advertiser.

Step 2. Information leakage

PR campaign usually begins with information leakage. Information is transmitted influential reporters and editors. The main target - newsletters and websites.

The media loves behind the scenes stories about events that have yet to occur. Especially if it is exclusive. In other words, any reporter seeks to highlight event earlier than a competitor.

It is this way Microsoft has launched to market its game console Xbox. Spread information began 18 months before the product was presented officially. Literally hundreds of articles have been written about the Xbox and its forthcoming against the market leader - PlayStation from Sony.

Even before most campaign 75 percent of the target audience (young people are male gender) interested in the console from Microsoft. So Xbox brand became number two after the PlayStation.

Not allowing media to learn about the qualities of your new products or services, you lose a very valuable resource. What people like to say? On rumors gossip behind the scenes stories. The same thing like the media.

In advertising vice versa. Advertising campaign usually begins on the date of product on the market and the product is kept in the strictest secrecy until the release of the first advertising message.

Step 3. Capacity Speed

PR Program unfold as slowly as the flowers bloom. The campaign gained desired speed, it is necessary to allocate enough time on it. That's why PR often run for several months before the finalization of determined all the details of a new product or service.

When you relying on public relations, there is no alternative. Unless you are going to present market wow, you have to start small and hope that the media campaign gradually give the desired proportions. (If you are really going to bring to market, "the invention of the century", may very well be that the PR you do not need it. Information spread without your participation.)

Fortunately, the gradual promotion of the brand corresponds to how many consumers learn about new products or services. Today, a small tip in the news tomorrow a friend mentions something - and soon you're convinced that they knew about it product ever.

In advertising vice versa. Advertising campaign typically starts with a "big bang" and often - with machine-gun fire, "television commercials.

And since consumers tend to ignore advertising information, the new campaign should be be sufficiently powerful and memorable, to rise above "the level of Noise. "The thing that is easiest to hide, it is advertising the price of one million dollars. If you divide this amount into small pieces and then spend it on advertising in various media, your message will simply disappear in the black hole "of advertising.

Step 4.Privlechenie Allies

Why all do it alone, if others can also help you in spreading information?
Gradual deployment of a PR program gives plenty of time to win over Allies. Moreover, the mention of you in the press will promote attract volunteers.

Who are your Natural Allies? "The enemy of my enemy - my friend." When we wrote the book "The Rise and Decline of public relations advertising," we asked ourselves: "Who can be the enemy of such a book?". The obvious enemy - Advertising industry, then there are those who control the bulk of spending on advertising in USA. Who can be the enemy of the industry? Independent public relations agency, which selected bread PR departments of corporations advertising.

And we sent Advance copies of this book 124 largest independent PR agency USA. And continued to send them copies of articles about our book, which appeared in press.

In response, we got a lot of responses like "We will gain additional copies, to send them to our customers and potential customers, "We invite you to speak at our conference, "We will write to editors industry publications, etc.

Collision interests, which was to create a book, and the momentum of our mailing caused enormous interest from the media. Wall Street Journal and many others specialized publications placed on the pages of the book reviews and pretty soon it hit the majority of the bestseller list.

In advertising vice versa. With the help of an advertising campaign is difficult to attract allies. And this Two reasons - time and money. If you're starting a brand with a "big Bang, you usually do not have time to seek support. In addition, Unions advertisers often fail because of money disagreements.

Step 5. Promotion of small to a large

Before man begins to walk, he crawls. And before he starts to run, he walks. Media work the same way. You start small, for example, with a little note to the newsletter, and then the information gets into the trade publication. Then you can go even higher - to the level of the business press. In the final After all, you may see your product or service on television.
With each new rung of the ladder of your brand's reputation is growing. Turning directly to the TV agent, you may get turned down. But if TV reporters know that about your products the magazines, they may call you.

To the extent that as you climb up the medialestnitse, your brand is "dispersed" and continues to unwind on inertia.

In advertising vice versa. Advertising campaign often starts with a television. The idea, again the same is to make a "big bang", followed by will follow a more modest "reminiscent of" advertising.

Step 6. Improvement Product

Feedback - An important element of the promotion of the brand through public relations. If you are starting a campaign long before the actual withdrawal of a product to market, then you have the time to to improve this product before it reaches the market. This can be a big advantage.

In advertising vice versa. If the ad campaign is already running, the firm is tied to the product and its characteristics. Feedback is very small, and do not have time to change the product or service before they will be offered to consumers.

So that World's First Pocket PC - Newton MessagePad, Apple has collected big press conference during the Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago. Having made the statement in the press, Apple has launched a traditional ad campaign "Big bang", including advertising on television. A voice from the aspirated reported: "Newton" digital. "Newton" personal. Newton: magic. "Newton" is as simple as a sheet of paper. "Newton" reasonable. "Newton" to study and understand you. "Newton" - is news. "But because of flaws in the system of handwriting recognition Newton received a lot of scathing reviews. The most deadly was a popular comic strip, who ridiculed Newton. From "I am writing a test sentence" ("I am writing test sentence ") is being" Siam fighting atomic sentry " (Siam struggling with atomic guards ").

Potential buyer, willing to test Newton, wrote: "My name is Curtis" ("My name is Curtis"). Respectable business publication reported that under the heading "My Norse 1915 Critics" ("My Norwegian critics 15") - Newton recognized this way to write a sentence.

Too much bragging to a good does not. You are asking for something that the media debunked your products. It is better to launch a new brand in the humble - to ask friends and allies to give their suggestions and then refine the product so that it meets the needs of the market.

Palm Computing Newton took the idea as a basis and simplifying it by replacing the telecommunications function and a complex system of text recognition system, a simplified handwriting text input, Graffiti. As a result, a Pocket PC Palm Pilot enjoyed huge success.
In relationship with the media shy always wins bragging. If you ask for advice or an opinion, you're likely to get a lot of ideas that can be used.

Step 7. Improvement message to the consumer

Launching a new brand, you usually has a number of characteristics describing product, which you can be part of the brand.

But which of the They focus?
This is one of those issues that can go endless debates on the board of directors. Too often, this issue is not solved, and the brand enters the market, accompanied by a long list of characteristics (as with Newton). Or adopted at the root wrong decision. The board of directors is definitely lacking objectivity.

Indispensable assistant in this may be the media. What product feature, according to a reporter or editor, the most important? In Eventually, the media are looking at new products from a consumer perspective. Their opinion not only useful, but it is quite possible that it was him in the first place heed the potential buyers. Media is governed by opinions of consumers. You Of course, you can go against, if you want to see what it will end.

During many years, Volvo advertised strength and durability of its vehicles. In the same time, the media touted the safety of machines of this brand and was told about invention of three-point seat belts, deformable steering column, front and rear deformation zones, etc.

In the final Volvo finally gave up and shifted its advertising from the strength of security. Sales soared.

Forget about focus groups. Why pay consumers for advice, if the media will give them for free? Moreover, They back up their advice with stories that will help potential buyers adopt your ideas.

Does this mean that must always follow the advice of the media? Of course not. But only if you have for this reason.

In advertising vice versa. Once the campaign started, she "carved in stone." Change in strategy and message to the consumer in the middle of an advertising campaign is difficult, expensive and creates a bad image.

Step 8. Smooth start

How can PR last phase of the program to launch a new brand? It depends on the many factors. Therefore, we recommend the "soft" start.

Get new product or service on the market is only after a public relations campaign end. The product will be submitted when ready. That is, if when the media do their job. Not before and not later.

Yes, smooth start confusing the budgeting and corporate planning. He even can disrupt production plans and distribution. Let this case. In marketing, as in life, the main thing - to choose the time. Right product in the the right time with proper PR support - an unbeatable combination.

In advertising vice versa. Typically, the advertising campaign is closely linked to the presence of a ready product. The first advertisement appears when the product goes on sale.

Home Most advertising campaigns - it's "time h" point "landing product on the shore. "Under the guise of advertising from the air and ground support promotions.

Military metaphor can decorate it at the meeting of sales, but it lacks flexibility when confronted with the real world. No one can predict the course of a PR campaign: how long it will take, what new ideas and new moves will be born.

But better late than bad.

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