Monday, April 25, 2011

Questions from a client to a SEO 4Points

Google raised in its SEO guide for beginners a series of questions that an employer should make a SEO audit SEO or agency before hiring their services. Our team of SEO and SEM department has responded to 4Points these questions to users and customers as required.

Can you show me examples of their work and the experience of your customers?
Yes We applied our methodology to 100% on our own website. All content of our 100 pages indexed is original. Try to browse our 4pointsblog

Do they follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines?
Our design and programming is enabled and has extensive experience working on guidelines Google. From the outset, we assume that our customers want indexed appear in google, so it is innate in every web project.

Do you offer any online marketing services or advice to complement the organic search business?
We have 8 years experience in communications and marketing strategies. In the last 3 years we have strived to compete in the design and SEO. In our portfolio you can find our long history of working.

What kind of results expected and in what time frame? How do you measure the correct operation of the site?
Our packages are designed for maximum results in a period not exceeding 12 months. However, knowing the market demands, we offer a method for the client SEO configure your project to meet your needs, including a deadline for himself.

What is their experience in the industry in operating my business?
4Points is a communications agency that has worked for over 3 years with companies in public and private sectors. Since dental clinics to regional governments rely on our professionalism.

What is their experience in the country and city where my business operates?
4Points has a network of clients and collaborators throughout India

What are the most important optimization techniques they use?
Keywords analysis and strategy
Optimization on page
Link marketing
Writing and content optimization

How long have you been in business?
More than 3 years who work indirectly with the positioning of web pages designed for our customers. We have recently consolidated within the agency, a SEO Department positioning exclusive projects.

How do we communicate? Would I would report all changes to my site and offer detailed recommendations and the reasons for these?
Communication with customers is the basis of a successful SEO project. Our periodic reports claim that the client is involved and is always up to date on the work done on their website. We will always be available to the client for any questions or suggestions.

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