Saturday, November 28, 2009

Logo and Brand - twin brothers?

Who can remember what it was written the name of the type known manufacturer of yogurt? And here is a simple obsession melody of three notes with a high degree of probability will play even one who is terminally offended bear in childhood. And, once in the supermarket, most likely, our "singer" just buy the products from this manufacturer, trusting the "untwisted" brand.

Feel the difference!

So you finally decided on the product or service that is now going to market. Register your own company. Long puzzled over a unique name, picked up a nice font, which will now be inextricably linked with the name of the new "ship business." But make no mistake: this is not a brand. Registered with the original mark of your company's name is just the logo.

"Logo - the original mark of a full or abbreviated name of the organization or product.

The logo is the verbal part of a trademark. " Such a definition can be found in Wikipedia. But even among designers and advertisers seem to be no consensus that it was considered logo.

Strictly speaking, the logo - is verbal part trademark. That is Name Company or product, write some letters. But the graphics are already the brand or trademark. It is only important to understand that and the logo and trademark are the components of the brand. Just a logo - it's the first brick, which was originally laid in building the future of the brand. So what is the most building out - dilapidated house of straw, ready to crumble at the very weak winds in the unstable world of business, or secure fortress, credible its thoroughness - it depends on the severity of the initial approach to its creation.

Logo - The basis of corporate identity, but because of its design and creation should be given maximum attention. And, of course, it is better to trust the professionals: Call a well-established advertising agency, or a freelance artist-designer. Let the designer with you eating, drinking, going to your work, gives a lot of questions, trying to find exactly the flavor that makes your company and its products will be easily recognizable among the mass of existing competitors and similar products.

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