Thursday, October 28, 2010

Google is changing its ranking algorithm

According to an internal source, Google is preparing to make changes in its ranking algorithm to better fight the series of links to malicious sites positioned at the top of engine results. Spammers have to watch out ...
Cyber criminals to attack Google
In recent months, cyber criminals have used all optimization techniques contrary to Google's guidelines (Black hat SEO) to manipulate search engine results.

Where it all began, only a marginal fringe of cybercriminals had managed to position itself in the first results.

But after a few months, these same “gangs" Literally stormed the overall results. Last week, seeking in the news, Top 5 results all led to malicious sites.

Obviously, if Google fails to implement a response to this manipulation, users might quickly lose confidence and Google would suffer. The anonymous source at Google who gave this information to WebProNews, said changes  in the algorithm are already underway to fight against this type of spam. Once the changes made, users should no longer see “as often this type of spam«.

1 million links to malware sites on Google
A report by Panda Labs (publisher of the anti-virus software Panda Antivirus) has identified more than a million links to malicious web sites for research on auto parts, especially for Ford and Nissan. Google noted that many phrases mentioned in the report were quite rare queries. An expression like "1989 Nissan Pickup Truck Check Engine Light Troubleshooting," for example, appears only on sites created by malicious spammers.

Note that malicious sites, connecting to it, among other things allow the unannounced download spyware software. An experienced user can identify such sites through URLs displayed in green alien under the description of the outcome.

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