Saturday, June 25, 2011

As we know the performance of our ads. The competition analyzer.

Google Ad words service is one of the most used today to achieve notoriety in the network. This tool allows us ads for our company in a fast and easy.

Many people know the benefits of this service and make investments in Google Ad words. Thanks to this medium may know data like the number of clicks, impressions or CTR. What many clients do not know is the performance of their campaign against the competition.

Google Ad words offers a tool for a competitive analysis and determine whether the performance is good, average or poor.

For this study we, first, select a category from the list. Then we choose a criterion on which we will base our analysis, for example, impressions, CTR, average or the average position of our key word. After this step will appear as a result five segments, which we show the comparison of the performance of my campaign and the other advertisers.

Our position may vary, so this tool can know if the performance of our company is better or worse than our competition, from which we will never know his identity. See the results of the times you want to know how values are changing or if they have variations by making modifications to the campaign.

Therefore, the purpose of this tool is to know first hand the performance of our campaign, so that if the results are not optimal can take steps to improve them. For example, we adjust our advertising keywords based on their level of quality, your average CPC ... I mean, we can improve the performance of the keyword from the competition.

Another measure to improve outcomes supply is set correctly. For example, if you are new you can try automatic CPC bids for a few weeks to monitor their performance and then change to manual bidding, which allows you to define the bids and the level appropriate for your ads. It is also recommended to implement conversion tracking allowing you to determine the effectiveness of their ads and keywords in relation to business goals, but that we'll discuss in another article.

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