Monday, September 28, 2009

Proper advertisement or a little more about the effectiveness of

You know, let us place the billboards here on this highway and down the street ... And, there are audio clips? Great! Rental would like to get on the radio station X, - says the head of the advertising department of a firm, not noticing the astonishment advertiser. After guiding and clarifying questions, followed by an explanation of this "iron" logic of advertising campaigns. It turns out, the director of the company loves radio station X, and the aforesaid route daily comes to work. Hence, he will see advertising firm.

These stories happen all the time. But even if we admit that your approach to advertising is pragmatic and meaningful, each time at the initial stage of developing an advertising campaign the question arises: how to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising? And it's better to do it at the very beginning and not the result, when money is spent, but achieved a goal - is unknown.

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