Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Any advertising - A specific objective

In my opinion, the answer to the question about the meaning of life is absolutely useless, because its meaning lies in the process.

But for advertising is important is the result of. Accordingly, the goals set by the advertiser during the development of advertising campaign should be as specific as possible, measured in numbers, by kilograms. It is impossible to formulate suggestions for the type of advertisers: "We just want to sell more." Such a formulation - to achieve this goal tends to infinity. Much more correct, understandable and accessible to formulate objective as follows: "This year we want to increase sales by ___% over last year." In this formulation, the problem appears the parameters measured.

In addition, the goal should be achievable. If according to the sales department, sales have a strong tendency to increase, for example, 15% in the quarter, it is useless to put ads in front of goal to increase sales by 300% compared to the previous reporting period.

When an advertiser aims to advertisers, Then there must be some kind of comprehensible criteria for evaluating the work performed. Otherwise, even the process of harmonization of promotional materials can not last indefinitely: in general, everything seems fine, but that it is so or not - can not be determined.

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