Friday, August 28, 2009

The protagonist of advertising

Simple layman - the main consumer advertising - are only interested in two things. He and the ways that you can solve a particular problem. Cause and advertising should be only one hero. And this is in no way brilliant advertiser, who is hoping to win a prize at the next competition.

The protagonist of advertising - its subject.
Product, service or idea that promotes the advertising. Advertising should not display this item as a winner. But not by himself. Namely, as a way that allows the layman to solve their own problems. Potential consumers living in different saturated debris information space, automatically cutting out unnecessary information. Such is the unnecessary information may prove to be your advertising. To this happened, the advertiser should clearly understand the parameters of its own target audience. And only access it. Then the proposal in advertising (ceteris paribus), may reach the addressee.

As already noted, one reason for ineffectiveness of advertising - the advertiser misunderstanding that any advertising campaign - is only part of the marketing mix. Let the advertising campaign is designed perfectly and correctly placed, but if the company improperly designed products, the price of goods are not competitive, the staff has low qualifications, the effectiveness of advertising does not bring. Advertise you will first need to debug the whole marketing mix. From the provision of consumer goods is the fact that he wants to see and at an affordable price to a sincere smile salesman who meets a client in the beautiful interior of a modern store.

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