Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising

On the issue themselves advertisers tend to prefer the modest silence.

Least because there is much advertising, as many do not cease talking about her poor performance. Advertising guru David Ogilvy said that most of the advertising "shamefully ineffective." Remark is true, but trying to assess the effectiveness of advertising, you should remember that this is just another marketing tool that does not work by itself.

An example from real life. Manual furniture store has launched a massive advertising campaign. Television, radio and outdoor advertising. A potential buyer walks into a store. Somewhere deep in the subsoil of the high stand sits seller and enthusiastically read a glossy magazine. Instead ask the visitor that he wanted to buy, the seller, looking for a second reading, once again lowers his head onto the page. Will the effective running advertising campaign, if sales staff behaves this way?

In advertising there is only one criterion: if it increases sales, then working. Hence, launched advertising campaign is effective. We can distinguish three types of advertising effectiveness: a commercial, communicative and operational. Any advertiser are primarily interested in commercial advertising effectiveness. In other words, how effective advertising is selling. But even now we can not with absolute guarantee to predict how sales will increase as a result of a specific advertising campaign. Sales affect all elements of marketing mix. On the professionalism of salespeople, as in the example above, as well as to the general condition of a particular market or the actions of competitors. If a competitor decides to bring down the market and sharply lower prices, then no, even the most brilliant advertising in this case will not help. But be that as it may be, the advertising that sells, it is advertising in the first place, well done

If you decide to involve the development of advertising ideas Professional advertisers It is not necessary to require them to any specific ideas and options for future advertising until they obtain the most complete source information. First of all, we need answers to the questions: what is advertised and to whom specifically designed your product or service. This is the first and most important phase of constructive cooperation between the advertiser and the advertiser.

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