Thursday, November 4, 2010

Create a website

Do you remember the days when having a website was a necessary tool for every business? Websites were the wave of the future and dream of doing business online filled our heads with visions of revolution in the way commerce was conducted. With a website, a company could reach new customers and interact with potential buyers on a global scale. A website was indicative of a company's technological prowess, symbolic of the desire to innovate and evolve with developments in the industry.

Today, that mindset has changed dramatically. We all know that we need a website, but many of us think that the mere fact of having one is enough. In reality, there are studies that indicate that many companies active on the Internet have not hit their website for years. They have never spent any time improving functionality and appearance, and are still learning the basics of usability of websites and the potential of SEO (optimization for search engines). Although his "r, we all recognize today that a website is a vital economic asset, if done correctly. It is easy to observe that if your site is outdated, it serves you. Conversely, a well designed website can make all the difference. This is the first place users go to find information about your products and services, serving as a generator of contacts, CRM, and even place of business.

We've all heard the adage about first impression and it's no secret that it is the most important factor in how people will remember their first meeting with you or your website. On the one hand, a web site well designed and easy to use will present your company and your brand, leaving an impression with customers. On the other, an outmoded and inadequate you can do more harm it can help. Potential customers will eliminate you as a possible supplier after the interaction of your mark and the low quality of your site in minutes.

I'll use an analogy with real estate to illuminate this idea. Impress your visitors when they arrive in your home if it is clean, well kept, with manicured garden. Conversely, if they arrive in a house that collapses and decays, where the paint is peeling, and with weeds in the garden, they will immediately get an idea of who lives there . Is he lazy? Maybe. Or maybe he nat no time to care for her property. Anyway, the first impression is not positive. We all try not to judge a book by its cover. But online, a website is the front of a started, it represents the face in the digital world, so in this case you can not judge just on the cover.

Which brings us to the question you ask yourself: and my website in? By answering the following questions, you can find out if it is time to redesign your site, or to consider simple modifications. Or maybe it does not need to be worked at all. Ready to Learn?

Home page
  • Visitors can they immediately say who you are and what you do?
  • Your Site Is clearly organized, highlighting the navigation?
  • Your home page does give a first impression that prompts users to click on each link?

  • Does your images, videos and pages load quickly?
  • The coding of your site is it clean?
  • Does your site offers a search feature? If yes, is it quick and useful?
  • Have you done any testing as to whether your site is displayed correctly regardless of the browser used?

    Quality of content
  • The content of your site is it written in a clear and convincing? He speaks to your target?
  • Have you included relevant and useful resources such as case studies, white papers, articles and / or lists of links?
  • Does your content effectively describes your products, services and other benefits?
  • Is your content targeted to satisfy the users as well as search engines?

    Links and Navigation
  • First and foremost: Is that all your links work?
  • Links are they readily identifiable?
  • Your links do they use descriptive anchor text and incentives?
  • Your main menu navigation it is consistent and present on every page of your site?
  • Your Navigational gives access to your entire site?

    Critical pages
  • Do you have a page that describes your products and services?
  • Do you have a page About"That describes your business?
  • Does your page ContactIs clear, informative and thorough?
  • Do you have a page where users can ask questions and answer them?
  • Do you have a topic " Testimonials» ?
  • Do you have a blog that you update regularly?
  • Do you have buttons social bookmarking to take advantage of Web 2.0 ?

  • Your site is it organized so that information is easy to find?
  • Do you have a site plan which sets out the organizational structure of links to all your pages?
  • Your site is it "user-friendly (suitable for all users)?
  • Is your site easy to read and written content for the Web?
  • Do you use lists, securities and other stylistic elements to organize and present your content?
  • Do you "call to action" which intimately users to take desired actions?
  • Do you use style sheets (CSS) to control the layout of the site?

    Optimization for search engines (SEO)
  • Your site is it search engine friendly? (Suitable for search engines)
  • Have you optimized your site for specific keywords and relevant?
  • Have you built a campaign relevant backlinks and highly qualified?
  • Have you used online media relations and social media marketing for SEO benefits?
  • Your navigation menu does give access to your entire site?
In Conclusion
Now that you have answered all questions (not exhaustive), you must decide what you will do. Start analyze your competitors to observe what they do and make up for lost time. Then conduct a satisfaction survey with your users to know what they think of your site and what Specials and other feedback, do not wait, assess and respond.

Make as many changes as necessary to improve your website and become a real asset to your company, it shows that your Web presence generates contacts and sales necessary impact on your economic performance.

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