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What is a "Corporate Identity?"

"Identity" - a concept introduced by theorists advertising. Abroad also used the terms "coordination of design," "Design look and feel of the enterprise", "system identification".

Style - a combination of methods (graphics, color, Plastic, acoustic, video), which provide unity to all products company and promotional activities; improve recall and customer acceptance, partners and independent observers not only goods company, but also all of its activities; and allow to oppose their products and activities of goods and activities competitors.

Corporate identity - an individual firm, made at Review.

Corporate identity - it means to build company image, as well as certain "information carrier", as the components of corporate style helps the consumer to find your product and your offer, forming his positive attitude to your firm, which took care of him, easing the process of selection of information or product.

"High" corporate identity indirectly confirms reliability of the company, as it ensures that the company complies with all apple-pie order both in production and in any other activity.

The concept of corporate identity is closely linked to the notion of image, as corporate identity - it is like a shell that is filled with concrete content. And this, full of the shell plus the activities Public Relations (PR) and create concept image of the firm.

When should you develop a corporate identity?

There are two opinions about when to develop your own Corporate Identity:

* as soon as they formed the firm;
* the accumulation of sufficient funds and securing sustainable activities.

It would be better to say that corporate identity should be given attention ever since the first days of establishment of the firm.

You register your company with a certain name, the name of the company - Has the support of a certain style. Then - you order a print company, which represents shriftograficheskuyu composition and may be a carrier of corporate style ... and so on, at every step to build your company you meet with dilemma: to think about branding by bringing in what you create or postpone this headache for later?

In fact, if you are not paying attention to the creation of corporate style of his enterprise, style, still emerging, other words - you create in this case, bad style. The longer it lasts, the harder it will be corrected.

How to build work on the development of corporate identity?

So, to start the firm, just declare them selves on the market?

Startups are hardly necessary folder with the company style, you can do the usual folders. But trademark (Graphic or verbal mark) with a mandatory registration is likely to be necessary, if the firm is going, so to speak, on a long voyage on the stormy sea of a commodity market and services.

Trademark or logo is the starting point for developing everything else. (As developed a trademark? Look in the "creative kitchen, "the designer here). Labeled brand names your business deals do not remain faceless. So the next step is a form business writing and the scheme layout of your ad (with trademark). If you later change the circuit layout of the advertisement or brand colors - Still your trademark will remain and will remind customers and partners about your firm.

During the formation of corporate identity can adhere to the following principles. First - select all, create a certain image through the development of stile is constants, and then (if necessary) to develop new components of corporate identity and make certain it supports. Most important in the phase-ordering or manufacturing elements and carrier branding - It's still withstand a single style that would work on a selected image of the company.

For the development of various media corporate identity better use the services of the same advertising agency. This the surest way to achieve unity in the performance of all elements and media corporate identity. Later, when the basic set of media branding will be developed, you will be able to manufacture them and use the multiplier services of different agencies and printers.

"Identity" in the narrow and broad sense

First of all, it should be noted that the concept of corporate style is interpreted in the narrow and broad sense.

Under the brand name style in a narrow sense means the combination of trademark (and its inherent color), and its use Securities and advertising appeals (see example: logo and its use in the design form of business letters and business cards).

Most firms are limited to just the narrow notion of corporate style.

Corporate identity in the broadest sense - is the use of common principles of design, color combinations and patterns for all forms of advertising (print, on radio, television) business papers, technical and other documentation office, packaging products, and, sometimes, and clothing of staff.

It is likely that the firm has just started its activities will not be able to reach the fullness of the phenomenon of corporate identity. On the other hand, began to operate in the market without the specific attributes of corporate identity, company miss the required time, postponing until later the formation of a consumer company's image. Moreover, a certain "promotional basis, the accumulated firm will be forfeited, as later, finding, na5konets style on the market there like a completely different company with a different "face".

What are the main components of corporate identity?

We give the approximate components of corporate identity:

* word mark;
* graphic trademark;
* colors;
* corporate font;
* corporate unit;
* circuit layout;
* slogan;
* formats of publications;
* advertising symbol of the company;
* audio firm.

Clarify some of these concepts.

Verbal trademark - Usually assumed that this company name, made some graphic manner, unusual, memorable font. In fact, it's not quite true. Distinctive features of the verbal sign lie in its verbal construction, ie a combination of letters. Graphic tracing letters when it does not matter (otherwise - it will be graphic, but not verbal sign). It is important to note that a combination of letters verbal sign must form just a word, and not just be unpronounceable combination thereof. This may be known or a new word. It is important that the word meets the criteria of novelty and patentability in respect of certain goods or services.

Here is a typical example, as described above. A combination of letters "Thielen" represents a word that meets the criteria of novelty and patentability with respect to a specific list of goods and services and because can be registered as a verbal trademark (logo). In this case, to be registered as a trademark can be zyavleno word "Thielen" as such, without giving him a specific graphic tracings. Attaching the word "Thielen is additionally a variety of graphics, color and style characteristics, the designer does not change the word and therefore does not alter the inherent novelty and protect ability. Over what works as a designer? In fact, he develops graphic mark, mainly based on the composition shape of the letters forming the word "Thielen." It solves the problem of the graphic branding on the basis of the word. The resulting original graphic composition can be registered as a graphical mark.

Graphic trademark - Is any image that meets criteria of novelty and patentability in respect of a specified list of products and services, and duly registered as a trademark addressed to a specific owner (or group).

Colours. Color is a powerful tool for identifying and can therefore be used as an essential component (trailblazing constant) as in the construction of the actual mark or logo, as well as to establish a system brand or corporate identity (see example). For registration and verbal graphic trademark select certain colors, which in combination the first item and create a certain image.

Developing corporate colors, to consider the possibility of printers for printing: newspapers, for example, transmit only the basic colors, or use two options: color (with a complex range of colors) and black and white.

Original font. For registration of printed products can be selected a specific font.

Corporate block may include a trademark, company name, e-mail, bank details, list of goods and services, advertising symbol of the company, slogan. In the corporate unit may include all of these elements or only some of them. Corporate block is useful in many situations: from the design firm forms prior to making packaging products.

The scheme layout may include a layout of the entire

printed materials. It is particularly important for firms to have the scheme layout print ads. Used constantly, familiar to buyers form layout advertisements are much increased visibility and memorability of advertising ad.

The format of publications. On all printed material can be extended particular, the original format, which also contributes to a better recognition information and promotional materials.

Slogan - a short phrase, the motto of the company or product. This verbal advertising symbol of the company. which gives it an exceptional value as an element or image advertising funds.

Advertising symbol of the company - a certain character or image acting on behalf of the firm in advertising and other (eg PR) activities. This may be representative of the flora, fauna or Homo Capiens in an amusing image. (See example - advertising symbol smstemy trade - the gold bull).

Audioobraz - a musical phrase, song, a few notes for voice or musical instruments, the combination of certain noises, employees as if the identification mark of the company in radio and telerolikah.

In fact this brand, decided audio facilities. The main function - the same as that of the graphic sign of the firm - identification. Strictly speaking, audio company should have all the criteria of the logo and perhaps, according to the law on trademarks registered as such. (see details).

Often, audio firm uses audio slogan: specific, staging solution audio facilities company slogan (see above: slogan), which gives him appeal, memorability. The difference between audio and audio slogan only that Slogan it audiointerpretatsiya verbal expression, and audio an independent sound image associated with the firm (and the law mounted behind it by registration.)

What is a "carrier branding?"

Using the components of corporate identity as "building blocks" or modules, you can specify corporate identity in virtually everything that somehow relevant to the activities of the firm. Bearers of corporate identity can be:

Attributes of business activity:

* printing company;
* company letterhead;
* envelope;
* letterhead different types of documents;
* business card;
* folder - the registrar (cover) (see example)
* price tag, label, (see example)

All forms of advertising:

* press advertising;
* radio and television advertising;
* stand;
* advertising on vehicles;
* outdoor advertising;

Means of identification, orientation:

* Index of travel;
* Indices location
* direction signs
* sign
* doorplate
* badge, patch;
* clothing of staff;

Prduktsiya firm and its means of packaging, design, maintenance, implementation

* prodkutsiya
* packing
* wrapping paper (see example)
* Labels and stickers
* supporting documentation
* Operating Instructions

Attributes presentations, PR-companies

* prospectus;
* information sheet;
* booklet;
* Calendar
* poster;
* pennant;
* souvenirs;
* clothing of staff;
* bags, bags.
* Advertising and Corporate Identity

Corporate identity helps to achieve a certain unity in advertising, ordered even different artists, which increases its effectiveness.

Bearers of corporate identity can serve all forms of advertising.

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